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Hi, I'm Robert Agar-Hutton. Growing up, stories of my super talented great-uncle Alfred Aaron Wolmark, meant that I was all too aware of my heritage as an artist, however it's only since turning 69 (in 2022) that I have finally been convinced by private clients and people I know in the art world that it's time to offer my work for public sale.

Please have a look at the photos of my paintings on this site and I look forward to you becoming a client.

About ‘Winghigh Limited’.

If you happen to notice that at the bottom of each page of this website it says: "Agar-Hutton Art Studio is a trading division of Winghigh Limited." and wonder about it.

Winghigh Limited is my company, into which I put all my income, be it from my painting, my part time Tai Chi teaching, my online Tai Chi site, or whatever. Having the ‘corporate’ identity of Winghigh Limited is something I have done for years. It makes recording income and calculating profit and (sadly) paying tax to the government, much more efficient and easy.


Last update: 15th December 2022

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